The Jazz Age Lawn Party is one of my favorite events of the year in NYC. If you know me, you know I love a party. So I don’t use the word favorite lightly here. Just in case you haven’t heard me mention the Jazz Age Lawn Party before, it’s  a yearly event that transforms the historic and beautiful Governor’s Island Colonels’ Row into a 1920s soiree complete with amazing live music and entertainment. Attendees are encouraged (although not required)  to dress in period appropriate attire. People COMMIT to their ensemble for the day. These aren’t merely Halloween flapper costumes you can pick up at any costume store. Each year I am more impressed with the attendees’ efforts. Seeing so many people dressed so beautifully, dancing and picnicking in the shade of giant trees with the sounds of a full jazz band is a transformative experience.

I am so sad to say that I was unable to attend the picnic either weekend this year, for the first time in many years. But, the crazy year I’ve had means I never even posted the images I took of last year’s picnic, so I’ll finally share them now.

Last year marked the event’s 10th anniversary. My friends and I started attending the 4th summer of the picnic and instantly felt like we belonged. It has become our tradition not only costume ourselves in the most creative, period-inspired costumes we can concoct, but to throw ourselves a civilized, elegant picnic. Last year I think we really, truly outdid ourselves, in large part to the efforts of my friends Haven, Lauren and Rebecca. Thank you ladies for your culinary and prohibition-breaking talents. Also, for looking so beautiful to sit next to (even the sweet Mr. Bill Cunningham couldn’t resist snapping a few shots of us!). I’m sorry I missed the festivities this year. I promise to come back next year with flair (and gin, lots of gin).
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I feel like the vast majority of my blog posts here are talking about how I never post on my blog. A rather boring topic, don’t you think? I’ve tried to analyze why I never seem to finish a post here a million different ways. Ultimately, I decided to stop over analyzing and just start posting! I know one thing that held me back the most was my desire not to “overshare” or be “unprofessional” on my business site. But what is this business if not an extension of me? So I’ve decided to start sharing as I used to when I had a personal blog. Just a warning, this could get crazy.

I’ve taken quite a bit of time off from working over the last year for personal reasons. I’ll bore you with tales of my personal woes later, right now I am itching with excitement to get ready for Fall and see some of my favorite families! I am planning my travel dates this week. If you’ve already signed up for my email list, you will receive a newsletter with all of my fall dates and info (and a special offer just for subscribers!) before it is posted here. If you’d like to sign up, please hit the contact button below.

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I wrote this post over a year ago and for some (unexplainable) reason, never published it. So here you go, my BFF from last summer….



{written Aug. 2013}

Two thousand miles away from Brooklyn, in Austin, Texas lives a beautiful, vibrant and dynamic woman whom I am proud to call my best friend. We met through our husbands, who had been best friends since high school, and hit it off instantly. The night we met, she was wearing a beautiful vintage necklace and I just knew anyone with such great style (and a love of vintage jewels) was destined to be my friend. We sealed our bond over the next few years as we planned our weddings together and started our careers.

Somewhere along the way, we started referring to each other as BFF and the moniker has stuck.

Eventually we both left southern California. She left first, for Austin and I left a year later for New York. Friendships can be a challenge to maintain if you live in the same city, and living across the country is especially challenging. But we are BFFs, remember? So we make it work. How do we make it work? I will admit, we are extremely fortunate that we are able to visit each other several times a year. Sometimes she come to New York, sometimes I go to Austin and when we’re really lucky we’ll meet up somewhere fabulous for a little vacay.

Last time I was in Texas she was about to embark upon a huge personal adventure, training for her yoga teacher certification. We had a little photo shoot to celebrate the occasion.

Since these photos were taken she has completed her training (100 hours of yoga!) and I am so incredibly proud of her. I’m looking forward to my own private session!

I will be the first to admit, while it was my idea, moving to Austin has been exactly been as stress-free and joyous as I had anticipated. The move itself was horrific. I realize that sounds a bit dramatic, given all of the war and atrocities happening in the world right now. But, I only know my reality and seeing so many of my belongings broken and mistreated by the movers was far from pleasant. I am not normally a crier. However, I’ve cried a lot since January. A LOT. Then one day, I got kind of sick of crying and finally came to terms with the fact that it’s “just stuff” and stuff isn’t what’s important in life. I’m still fighting with the movers over the claims, but I let go of my emotional attachment which has been incredibly freeing. Like, being able to look at one of the boxes from the movers without having an anxiety attack freeing.

Now we are living in a home that is under complete renovation (as I write this I can hear someone crawling around in my attic). I have no kitchen. No master bathroom. And I’m sleeping in (gasp!) a queen sized bed instead of a king. That last one may seem silly, but anyone who’s been married more than a few years will understand. Yes, it’s stressful. But I have to remind myself this is stress I brought on myself. A stress that many people would love to have. So, I am focusing on being grateful and planning all of the amazing dinner parties I can throw once I have a kitchen again.

The really tough part was that I wasn’t really prepared for how much I would miss New York. Honestly, I still regularly question my sanity. It was and will always be my favorite place on the planet. My ten years there have been the best of my life so far. But my life is far from over (I’m no psychic but I’m hoping), and my new adventure in Austin is actually starting to become quite enjoyable. Austin is really a great city, at least when the temperature is below 100 (which, during the month of August is uncommon). Apparently, this has been a mild summer so far in Austin. So far, it’s been hovering right around the 100 range. If this is mild, I may have t0 move again before I found out what hot is.

Then a couple of weeks ago, on a very warm day, we had a super moon. I decided to take a little nighttime swim, one of my new favorite pastimes, and something I definitely wasn’t able to do in Brooklyn.  As I floated under the stars and glorious moon in my swimming pool, all questions of sanity drifted away and I knew I was in exactly the right place at the right time.

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Last week I spent a lovely week in NY. Doing some of my favorite things, with my favorite people. It was my second visit since moving and this time I didn’t cry when the plane departed JFK for AUS. So that’s pretty super.

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