Under the Sea

This shoot took place in a pool but I thought the title Under the Sea sounded better, I’m a big Little Mermaid fan. Perhaps that was what inspired me to do an underwater shoot. I’m not really sure how the idea started. I had seen a few underwater shoots online recently and thought, that looks fun. So I posted the idea on my facebook page and I found a model in California.  Since I was headed to California in early April for a family wedding we decided to shoot then. I suppose the obvious choice for an underwater shoot in Southern California would have been the ocean, but I’m more of a swimming pool girl. Thanks to my aunt and uncle, the pool was heated. And unlike the ocean, I did not have to contend with waves, fish or my dreaded fear…sharks. My fear of the ocean is enough to fill a separate post, but I won’t bore you.

I had some ideas in my head of what I wanted for this shoot, but I tried to stay as open as possible because I had no idea what shooting underwater was going to be like. My main vision was of a ballgown swirling in the water. So my mom and I hit up a thrift store the morning of the shoot (nothing like last minute) and found three amazing dresses, all for only $22! I was confident that my model (my sweet cousin Hope) would be great underwater, she’s a water polo goalie and spends half her life in the water. No surprises, she was amazing! She was game for anything and didn’t complain once. We had so much fun!

I had a few difficulties. Trying to swim, hold a camera, compose a shot and most importantly…see, underwater is a challenging task. I’d show you some of the hilarious behind the scenes images, but that would require me posting a pic of myself in a bathing suit. Never gonna happen.

Having very few expectations for this shoot, I was surprised to like so many of the final shots.  I have decided to post them in groups rather than one giant post. Here is the first series, in a vintage lace dress. More to come soon.

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r