Under the Sea (part 3 – The Deep End)

My fear of the dark is pretty serious (I’m nearly 36 and I still sleep with a night light) and it’s a big reason I rarely swim in the ocean. Combine my fear of the dark with my fear of sharks and that’s why this shoot was in a pool. I suppose,  if I really wanted to, I could overcome this fear but I actually find it helpful to have a little light guiding my mid-night bathroom trips. Enough about my fears and potty trips and back to the pool.

As the light changed, the deep end of the pool started to look darker and even deeper.  I wish I could say we had planned the mood for these shots, but it was pure coincidence. Looking at them now, she seems like shes being chased. They are kind of creepy (to my scared of the dark self), but so cool. If I was the existential artist type, I might name this collection something dramatic or thought provoking. Lucky for you, nothing dramatic or thought provoking comes to mind. Lucky for me, though the pool was dark there were no sharks.

I’ll continue my Under the Sea series with some rock star 80s pics and plenty of neon tomorrow.

Who wants to jump in the pool with me next?

F a c e b o o k
T w i t t e r