Spring Awakening

To call my blogging here sporadic would be a gross understatement. I used to have a personal blog and found it easy to post regularly about my daily life and adventures. But it seems ever since switching to my “business blog” I’ve been struggling to find my voice.

Truthfully, like many things in my life, I think I have just been overanalyzing this whole blogging thing. I’ve been so concerned about what topics to discuss or which pictures to share I can never seem to complete a post. I have over a dozen blog posts that are half written, just waiting for that perfect edit that will make me want to post them. Today, I finally got sick of waiting for perfection and decided to just start blogging again.

Sure, I could continue to edit and reedit posts. But I’m sick of waiting. I have so many pictures  I’ve been waiting to share. So perfect or not, I am going to start sharing. I hope you’ll follow my adventures.

Speaking of perfect, here are some pictures from a perfect day in NYC. The 5th Avenue Easter Parade. Oh and the guy with the My Little Pony on his shoulder and his BFF? They were totally singing the My Little Pony theme song to us. And it was amazing. Sadly, I have no video, so you’ll just have to imagine it.

Happy Spring!!!

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