Oh Sandy

After the hype over Hurricane Irene, most of us New Yorkers were very hesitant to believe that this “superstorm” they were reporting Sandy to be would actually come to fruition. But we learned…never underestimate the weather. As I write this I am already safe in California, my planned visit /business trip undisturbed by Sandy’s efforts.  I came out of this perhaps a little shaken but completely unharmed. Our neighborhood flooded terribly as near as two blocks from our building, but our apartment never lost water or power.

Despite our reluctance to believe that the storm would be serious, we were prepared with all the supplies we needed and settled in to watch the storm from our windows on the 29th floor. A little crazy, I admit. As the wind continued to pick up and we could actually feel our building sway, we started to realize that this storm would be more serious than we had thought. One of the scariest parts of the storm for us, was watching our upstairs neighbors patio furniture fly from the 30th floor down to the Manhattan Bridge (see the slideshow below for pics). Strangely, my first instinct was to run toward the window to see what it was. When I realized how large it was, I quickly ran away from the windows. Why the neighbors didn’t do a better job to secure it is beyond me (a few expletives came to mind). The electrical transformers exploding all over the city and New Jersey also provided a frightening sight illuminating the sky with fluorescent lights that made it seem like bombs were being dropped. Then the power went out in lower Manhattan and the city seemed eerily calm and quiet.

Meanwhile, inside and cozy we weathered the storm with lost of wine and homemade, organic chicken pot pies. We stayed safely inside and ventured out only the next afternoon to assess the damage. As I said, we were lucky. Many of our friends were without power and/or water, some still are, but they are safe and otherwise unharmed. Some of our best friends lost both power and water and have a small baby. Luckily they have a car and we welcomed them to our apartment with open arms, and more homemade soup.  It was such a little thing to help friends, but we were happy to do it. Their power has since been restored and our friends returned home on Saturday.

There are so many who were much less fortunate than we were and my heart goes out to them in their time of distress. Some people lost their homes, belongings and worse their loved ones. The recovery will be long and difficult. The Red Cross is accepting donations to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. You can click here to help.

This slideshow is of images I took in our neighborhood the afternoon after the storm. Including a close-up of the now infamous patio table on the Manhattan Bridge, shown next to our building (the tall glass one) for some perspective as to how far it fell.

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