I wrote this post over a year ago and for some (unexplainable) reason, never published it. So here you go, my BFF from last summer….



{written Aug. 2013}

Two thousand miles away from Brooklyn, in Austin, Texas lives a beautiful, vibrant and dynamic woman whom I am proud to call my best friend. We met through our husbands, who had been best friends since high school, and hit it off instantly. The night we met, she was wearing a beautiful vintage necklace and I just knew anyone with such great style (and a love of vintage jewels) was destined to be my friend. We sealed our bond over the next few years as we planned our weddings together and started our careers.

Somewhere along the way, we started referring to each other as BFF and the moniker has stuck.

Eventually we both left southern California. She left first, for Austin and I left a year later for New York. Friendships can be a challenge to maintain if you live in the same city, and living across the country is especially challenging. But we are BFFs, remember? So we make it work. How do we make it work? I will admit, we are extremely fortunate that we are able to visit each other several times a year. Sometimes she come to New York, sometimes I go to Austin and when we’re really lucky we’ll meet up somewhere fabulous for a little vacay.

Last time I was in Texas she was about to embark upon a huge personal adventure, training for her yoga teacher certification. We had a little photo shoot to celebrate the occasion.

Since these photos were taken she has completed her training (100 hours of yoga!) and I am so incredibly proud of her. I’m looking forward to my own private session!

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