I find it so easy to get caught up in being an adult. Focusing on my responsibilities (mortgage, bills, running a business, etc.) can get a little overwhelming. Oh, who am I kidding, it can get very overwhelming. Sometimes I just want to throw myself on the floor like a two year old and flail around violently screaming, I won’t pay $400 a month for electricity! Instead, I pay my bills (I’ve grown pretty fond of having electricity) and behave like a grown up (for the most part).

Thankfully my job allows me to have a little play time. Among the bazillion things I love about photography, working with children is near the top. Instead of living in my head 5 feet, 8 inches above the ground, I get down on the floor and connect with the earth. I run around trying to capture their precious expressions and attempting to view the world through their perspective. If you haven’t rolled around on the ground lately making silly noises and trying to get a toddler’s attention, I highly recommend it. It’s good for the soul.

I had a little playdate with my godson recently. I brought my camera to snap some pics of him, since he happens to be mighty adorable and will undoubtedly follow in his very talented parents’ tap shoes. I love this little guy. I hope he never forgets to laugh, have fun and roll around on the ground every once in a while.

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