I’m Super, Thanks for Asking

I will be the first to admit, while it was my idea, moving to Austin has been exactly been as stress-free and joyous as I had anticipated. The move itself was horrific. I realize that sounds a bit dramatic, given all of the war and atrocities happening in the world right now. But, I only know my reality and seeing so many of my belongings broken and mistreated by the movers was far from pleasant. I am not normally a crier. However, I’ve cried a lot since January. A LOT. Then one day, I got kind of sick of crying and finally came to terms with the fact that it’s “just stuff” and stuff isn’t what’s important in life. I’m still fighting with the movers over the claims, but I let go of my emotional attachment which has been incredibly freeing. Like, being able to look at one of the boxes from the movers without having an anxiety attack freeing.

Now we are living in a home that is under complete renovation (as I write this I can hear someone crawling around in my attic). I have no kitchen. No master bathroom. And I’m sleeping in (gasp!) a queen sized bed instead of a king. That last one may seem silly, but anyone who’s been married more than a few years will understand. Yes, it’s stressful. But I have to remind myself this is stress I brought on myself. A stress that many people would love to have. So, I am focusing on being grateful and planning all of the amazing dinner parties I can throw once I have a kitchen again.

The really tough part was that I wasn’t really prepared for how much I would miss New York. Honestly, I still regularly question my sanity. It was and will always be my favorite place on the planet. My ten years there have been the best of my life so far. But my life is far from over (I’m no psychic but I’m hoping), and my new adventure in Austin is actually starting to become quite enjoyable. Austin is really a great city, at least when the temperature is below 100 (which, during the month of August is uncommon). Apparently, this has been a mild summer so far in Austin. So far, it’s been hovering right around the 100 range. If this is mild, I may have t0 move again before I found out what hot is.

Then a couple of weeks ago, on a very warm day, we had a super moon. I decided to take a little nighttime swim, one of my new favorite pastimes, and something I definitely wasn’t able to do in Brooklyn.  As I floated under the stars and glorious moon in my swimming pool, all questions of sanity drifted away and I knew I was in exactly the right place at the right time.

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Last week I spent a lovely week in NY. Doing some of my favorite things, with my favorite people. It was my second visit since moving and this time I didn’t cry when the plane departed JFK for AUS. So that’s pretty super.

F a c e b o o k
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