Feather Fight

I was in Austin in September visiting some of my favorite people on the planet and celebrating my niece Cate’s 1st birthday. I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Austin in September, but it’s hot. And humid. Walk outside and wonder why you bothered to shower kind of weather. Nevertheless, my BFF and I were determined to do a photo shoot with her two little girls, whom I adore. We had all kinds of elaborate intentions to have skype sessions beforehand to plan out this shoot, and then life intervened and before we knew it I was leaving Austin in two days and we hadn’t taken photos or planned a thing.

So while driving in her blissfully air-conditioned SUV to pick up the girls from school, we came up with  a plan. We assesed our assets.

She had: Bags of feathers, handmade shirts by BFF (she’s super crafty and has some cool stuff in the works), tulle skirts by Jack n Molly and headbands by Birdie Baby Boutique, and the girls’ favorite wellies (oh, and two gorgeous daughters).

I had: a paper umbrella, a lace tablecloth and a camera.

We picked up the girls from school and let them have some chill time while we prepped for the shoot. And the weather. It was 106 the day we shot this and we dressed the girls in long sleeves! But they looked amazing!!!

Our location was a local park. The first spot we scouted we quickly discovered was already occupied by a homeless man. Not exactly the setting we had in mind. We continued our search and found another, unoccupied location. Despite the heat, the girls were in great spirits when we started the shoot. I knew we had to move quickly (we did the whole shoot in 30 minutes).

Here is Paisley. This girl has a special soul. I can’t  begin to tell you how precious she is to me. She was my first niece and therefore the first little girl I got to spoil. She is so intelligent, sweet, compassionate, thoughtful and creative. We played “mermaid/Paris/Fairy Party” together while I was visiting. How could you not like a game like that?

Oh, and I did not retouch her eyes. They’re just that stunning.

I asked Paisley to come up with her own pose and she didn’t hesitate to strike one… Here’s Miss Maggie. She looks sweet and sugary, but this little one has spice! Maggie is curious, silly, assertive, enthusiastic and carefree. She has more energy than that famous pink bunny and is a joy to be around. When I asked her to strike a pose, I got this…work it girl.  Paisley is such a good listener and a great big sister. She was giving Maggie lots of encouragement throughout the shoot. It was so sweet to watch. Maggie gave a little love too. Now we’ll get to the feathers. To keep the girls engaged, we told them there was a surprise during the shoot. So once we had the initial shots done we surprised the girls with a feather fight! Doesn’t Austin have the prettiest trees? They are truly magical. After the feather fight, we were all dripping with sweat. The girls were playing ‘bride’ with the lace while we cleaned up the feathers. Despite the heat, we had an amazing afternoon. I can’t wait until my next trip to Austin to see what we come up with next. That trip will definitely be in the Spring though, I’d prefer not to wring out my bra with sweat again.

F a c e b o o k
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