Before I was a photographer, beauty paid my bills. No, not my own beauty (though that would have been nice) but my career in the beauty industry. From a very young age, I was obsessed with beauty products. My friends and I used to make our own “how-to” videos (yes, on actual giant VHS tapes) pre the YouTube era. I’m sure I have some of those tapes buried in a box somewhere and if I ever find one, I promise to share. Everyone should know how to properly apply their blue eyeshadow (a favorite tip of ours back in the day).

I channeled my passion for beauty into a successful career, starting as a makeup artist in Beverly Hills and ending in global marketing in NYC for various beauty startups and giants. I loved my career so much that I never imagined I’d leave it. Then I was diagnosed with chronic, incurable illness (a story for another time) and my priorities started to shift. I still loved my job, but the stress and demanding schedule were starting to wear on me. What’s so stressful about lipstick?, you’re probably wondering. You’d be surprised. A lot goes into that lipgloss in your handbag or skincare cream in your medicine cabinet. I decided I needed to find beauty in something new and pushed my hobby of photography onto center stage.

Despite the focus on my photography, beauty is still a huge part of my life. I am still product obsessed and that obsession, combined with my experience, has made me the go-to girl among friends and family for all beauty related advice. Really, the two things aren’t so different. As a makeup artist, my goal was to make my client look and feel (yes, there was a little psychology involved) their absolute best. In my portrait work, my goal is ultimately the same.

So while my marketing and makeup artistry days may be behind me, I’ve decided to start sharing my favorite beauty tips and products here. Especially, as they relate to how you can make yourself look your best for your photo session. If you have specific questions or requests for topics you’d like to see me cover, please comment on this post or email


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